3:00 AM, November 9, 2016

Like most of you have already expressed, this election result is unacceptable. It is more than feelings, but a true and tangible threat that I struggle to face.

Igniting hatred, dividing families, cutting off help to those in need, debasing language itself, nudging forward the sexual assault and degradation of women, relying on juvenility, the marginalizing and threatening of persons of color, encouraging arrogance and ignorance by way of example, oppressing a nation of beautiful queer souls with religious dogma and ideology, muddying a faith like mine with such words and actions as listed here, and further terrorizing minority faiths and those marginalized people who hold to them: just a few of the stones with which the American People have yesterday attempted to pummel liberty and justice for all.

Remember that we are a nation, as Lincoln said, "of the people, by the people, and for the people." We are formed by that of which we are made. This is the truth, that the majority of our nation has spoken in favor of these horrifying things, so there are two options presented for those who stand against the debasement of our shining light: first, a new freedom found for us within the safety of other borders; or second, an impassioned, angry fight that will likely move past the potency of language and into the forceful power of our brilliant bodies.

For myself, I choose the fight.